Funding Options

There are various ways therapy can be funded:


If your child is resident in England, the NHS may fund treatment through your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), however, this is becoming increasingly harder to get.

The NHS has undergone extensive reorganisation in recent years and GPs are now responsible for the commissioning of services. There are over 200 CCGs in the UK and each one operates slightly differently and will have varying policies e.g. funding a treatment that is out of their area.

The first step is to talk to your GP about funding Bobath therapy. If your child is eligible, ask them to make an application on their behalf. In some cases we can make an application for you. It can take a minimum of four months to get a decision, often longer.

If you are successful your GP/CCG will notify us in writing and we will then contact you to arrange an appointment.


If you are unable to get NHS/CCG support, you can pay from personal funds and/or other sources (see below).

Payment details are included in your child’s appointment letter.

Payment is due before treatment starts.

NHS and self-funded patients receive the same service.

Private Health Insurance

Check with your health insurers to see if your policy covers your child's treatment at the Bobath Centre.

If it does, you can pay for treatment and then reclaim the cost. We will be happy to provide invoices and receipts.

Legal Settlement

In the unlikely event that your child has been the victim of medical or clinical negligence they may be eligible for compensation to pay for their long term care. This can include the ongoing cost of Bobath therapy. If you are making (or thinking of making) a claim, we recommend that you speak to a specialist solicitor. Your child may also be awarded an interim payment to cover the cost of treatment while their case is being considered. 

Fundraising and Charity Support

Many families and friends now fundraise for their child’s therapy. There are also charities that offer financial support.

Bobath therapists don’t accept the notion that nothing can be done for a child and they keep searching for solutions