Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is a surgical procedure where nerve roots in the spinal cord are selectively disconnected to reduce spasticity in the leg muscles in children with Cerebral Palsy.

The SDR treatment package we provide here at the centre is intensive and quite comprehensive. Following your child's surgery and their intensive block of treatment, you'll receive a simple but effective home programme that can be easily incorporated into their daily life.

Before Surgery:

  • You should consider the implications of long-term physiotherapy needs for your child following surgery and it's impact on family life. Your child may need on-going intensive physiotherapy for one to two years following surgery for a very good functional outcome.
  • We'll undertake thorough assessment of your child, to measure their current function and muscle strength.
  • We'll also prepare your child for their surgery through a specific strengthening programme to support their post-surgery rehabilitation.

After Surgery:

  • Your child will receive therapy at hospital and will then receive a therapy plan to follow once discharged.
  • You'll take part in ongoing intensive physiotherapy, combining treatment blocks at the centre along with a home programme, to ensure a good functional outcome.
  • Your child's therapy blocks will focus on improving trunk control and pelvic stability, strengthening leg muscles, and improving control over selective movements in the legs. This will improve the child’s ability to stand, walk, balance and transit between positions.
  • Your Bobath therapist will liaise with your local team of therapists and staff at school to ensure an effective multi-disciplinary approach to help your child become functionally independent.

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