Lunchtime Assistants Course

A one day course for lunchtime assistants can be offered in a variety of educational settings.

This course will enable lunchtime assistants to gain a greater understanding of children with cerebral palsy and will focus on how to assist with eating and drinking as safely and efficiently as possible, improving the participation of children with cerebral palsy at mealtimes.


One day workshops can be offered as in-service training for groups of up to 20 therapists within an organisation. The participants may include Bobath-trained therapists and also therapists who have not yet completed any Bobath training.

Workshops focus on a specific topic and will include treatment demonstrations.

Problem Solving Sessions

Problem solving sessions take place over half a day and focus on specific children to a small group of therapists, sessions are offered on a consultative basis for therapists within the same service.

*Workshops and problem solving sessions are organised at least six months in advance

Regional Courses

Many of the Bobath Centre‚Äôs courses can be delivered to external venues.  Dates are usually scheduled at least 12 months in advance.

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