Opening up Grace's world

Grace is a happy, fun loving girl who enjoys being around people. She loves playing with her twin Billy, friends, singing and going to school. She dislikes brushing her teeth – and not being able to move or speak like her friends.

Meet Hannah

My name is Hannah. I’m eight years old and live on the Isle of Wight.
I have light brown hair and a big smile which everyone says is just like my mum’s – see?  Me and my mum have lots of things in common, but people mostly notice that we both have problems with our walking. Mum has always used walking sticks to help her get around and I use a walking frame with wheels.

Ibrahim's Story

Starting therapy when young can have an enormous impact on a child’s potential to develop new skills and abilities.  Ibrahim, or Isa as his parents call him, started Bobath therapy in January 2013 at just a year old, and has made huge progress in the following six months.

Finn standing tall

When Finn was born, his parents Helen and Tony had no idea that there might be a problem with their beautiful baby boy. It was only at six months old, when they mentioned to a neighbour that Finn was left-handed, that they had their first inkling something wasn’t right; they were told that babies don’t usually show a preference at such a young age.

Daisy Daisy

Every weekend is a celebration in the Garforth household.  Because ever since Lee and Hollie’s daughter Daisy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy they have been singing at wedding receptions to help pay for her care and equipment and to fund their travel costs to the Bobath Centre.

Blu makes a wish

Blu was something of an unexpected Christmas present.  Not due until February, he arrived two months early in late December.  However, the birth went fine and Blu seemed a healthy baby boy.

It was only as the weeks went by that his parents noticed that he wasn’t like the other babies. 

“His hands were always little fists. He just seemed angry and uncomfortable all the time,” says mum Laura.