If you want to gain new skills with children with cerebral palsy or have an interest in this area, the Bobath Centre can train you.

We offer a wide range of introductory, advanced and bespoke courses.

Most courses take place at the Bobath Centre in north London.

Therapy Assistants Course

This two day course will introduce assistants to the Bobath approach and enable them to develop their skills and work more effectively with children with cerebral palsy.  Participants will gain insight into the different presentations, how function may be affected, learn some principles of treatment and see how Bobath therapists apply their skills to activities such as play and communication through observation of demonstrations and discussion.

Introductory Bobath Course to the Treatment and Management of Children with Cerebral Palsy

This two day course aims to provide an overview of the transdisciplinary nature of assessment and treatment within the Bobath Concept and will explore aspects such as classification of cerebral palsy and principles of treatment in a series of Tutor led treatment demonstrations. lecture and discussion.

Childhood Hemiplegia Course

This course will enable therapists to deepen their understanding and identify the different presentations of hemiplegia in childhood.  The course provides the opportunity for therapists to explore this topic in depth, develop their knowledge of assessment, principles of treatment and treatment ideas, through a combination of demonstrations, video analysis and discussion.

Early Assessment and Intervention with Babies and Young Children

This course is suitable for all those therapists working in early neurodevelopment, ie physiotherapists, occuapational therapists and speech and language therapists (Bobath and non-Bobath trained) and paediatricians/neonatologists who are working with babies and young children who present with motor concerns.  The course will introduce participants to the role of the neurodevelopmental therapist in assessment and intervention using Bobath concepts and the EI SMART approach, both in NICU with preterm infants and with high risk infants in the first year of life.

Play workshop: The development and use of play in therapy with children who have cerebral palsy

This is a two day course for Therapy Assistants that will explore the development and importance of play, how we can use it effectively in therapy and how we can facilitate increased levels of participation in play for children who have cerebral palsy.

Basic Bobath Foundation Course (Scotland)

Participants will gain a comprehensive insight into the Bobath approach and advance their clinical assessment and treatment skills with children with cerebral palsy through interactive sessions held over eight weeks that will deepen knowledge of neuroscience, child development, classification, problem solving and communication whilst enhancing and developing hands-on skills.  This is a fundamental course for therapists working with children with cerebral palsy who strive for the very best standards of treatment and management in their day to day work.