Support for families with young babies

  • Do you have concerns about the way your baby is developing?
  • Is your baby under the age of 18 months?
  • Did your baby have a difficult or premature birth?

Our Early Intervention Scheme supports families who have concerns about their baby's development.

We offer treatment and advice where appropriate, helping families to feel confident they are handling and communicating with their baby in the best way to optimise development.

The scheme is fully funded from charitable funds, so there is no charge to the family. 

If your baby is eligible we would offer advice, assessment and therapy in a short treatment block. 

Apply to Early Intervention Scheme

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Eligibility Criteria

  • My baby is in a high risk category (e.g. following traumatic birth) or has been identified as having developmental issues
  • My baby is Ordinarily Resident in the UK (A PERSON who is not Ordinarily Resident in the UK falls within the definition of an Overseas Visitor and may incur a charge for treatment)
  • My baby is under 18 months of age from the projected due date
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