Children can benefit from one of our charitably funded programmes.  

Funds are limited and there are eligibility criteria. We strongly advise you make an enquiry to discuss your needs before making an application.

Treatment Fund

Free/subsidised therapy for children in acute need who receive no or little financial support.

Eligibility: There is no application form. Funding is awarded on a case-by-case basis.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not accepting requests for the Treatment Fund.

Helping Hand Scheme

Subsidised therapy for children who live within 90 minutes travel from the Bobath Centre and receive no NHS or other financial support.

Eligibility - Your child

  • is under 18 years 
  • is self-funded i.e. parents/carers receive no other funding (e.g. NHS, insurance, charity etc.)
  • lives within 90 minutes from the Bobath Centre
  • can continue therapy activities provided in a home programme once therapy ends
  • can accept limited available appointment times offered by the Centre

Apply to our Helping Hand Scheme

Early Intervention Scheme 

It is recognised that cerebral palsy can be detected in the very young if an evaluation is made by a trained practitioner in early assessment techniques. However, there is limited and variable provision within NHS England for parents/carers of very young children to seek an early opinion.

If there is a concern about your child's development we can offer an assessment and therapy if required.

Eligibility: Your child

  • is 18 months or younger at the date of appointment
  • has a formal diagnosis or has no diagnosis, but is in a high risk category (e.g. following traumatic birth)
  • has a referral letter from a medical professional e.g. consultant or GP.

Apply to our Early Intervention Scheme