There are various ways therapy can be funded:


You can discuss with your GP whether The NHS will fund Bobath therapy for your child. The final decision will depend on:

  • Your child being "ordinarily resident" in the UK
  • Your NHS Clinical Commissioning Group agreeing funding

A decision can take four months or longer and only around 10% of the 200 UK CCGs are currently funding Bobath therapy.

If you are successful, your GP/CCG will notify us in writing and we will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

If you are unsuccessful, you can still self-fund from personal funds or fundraise. All children receive the same level of treatment regardless of how they are funded.

Private Health Insurance

Check with your health insurers to see if your policy covers your child's treatment at the Bobath Centre.

If it does, you can pay for treatment and then reclaim the cost. We will be happy to provide invoices and receipts.

Legal Settlement

If your child's cerebral palsy is the result of medical or clinical negligence they may be eligible for compensation to pay for their long-term care. This may include the ongoing cost of Bobath therapy. If you are making (or thinking of making) a claim, we recommend that you speak to a specialist solicitor. Your child may also be awarded an interim payment to cover the cost of treatment while their case is being considered. 

Fundraising and Charitable Support

Many families and friends now fundraise for their child’s Bobath therapy. There are also charities that offer financial support.

Please contact us for further details.

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Bobath therapists don’t accept the notion that nothing can be done for a child and they keep searching for solutions