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Course Leader:

Christine Barber, Director, The Bobath Centre

The Advanced Course focuses on participant centered problem solving relating to:

  • Problems of the child with cerebral palsy related to pre-term birth
  • Problems of the child with multiple impairments
  • Problems of the child with cerebral palsy who presents with dystonic features

Who is it for?

The Advanced Course is open to Bobath trained physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists who have successfully completed their Basic Bobath Foundation Course or an Advanced/Specialist course within the last 5 years.

Pre-course requirements

Applicants should have completed the Basic Bobath/NDT course, Advanced or Refresher Course within the last 5 years and 60% of your caseload should be with cerebral palsy. You should have at least 5 years paediatric experience.


To encourage participants to evaluate their own clinical reasoning and handling skills in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy to facilitate the further development of expert practice.


Participants will be able to:

  • develop strategies to deepen their understanding of specific aspects of cerebral palsy
  • present information/teach colleagues about new of deepened knowledge
  • identify gaps in their own knowledge that need further research
  • review and evaluate literature pertinent to specific aspects of cerebral palsy
  • explore and experiment with alternative ways of using the Bobath concept to treat children with cerebral palsy
  • reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of intervention and revise as appropriate
  • identify personal goals to work on to enhance their own practice

How will the course be taught?

This course is taught through group work, tutorials, and supervised treatment sessions. It emphasizes aspects of self-directed learning and reflective practice to facilitate participants to develop strategies which maximize learning opportunities that arise in their everyday clinical practice.

Further information

This course is part of an ongoing educational programme, designed to help Bobath trained therapists deepen their understanding of the application of the Bobath concept to the treatment of individuals with cerebral palsy.

The course aims to facilitate course participants to be able to take advantage of learning opportunities not only during the course, but in their own clinical practice.

The teaching methods used on this course will therefore be course participant centered, with emphasis on self directed learning. Participants will be encouraged to evaluate their own clinical practice and learning.

The one week program concentrates on practical work and problem solving sessions to which participants will be expected to actively contribute.

A substantial part of the course is dedicated to small group work facilitated by a tutor, enabling participants to explore one of the following topics in depth:

  • Problems of the child with cerebral palsy related to pre-term birth
  • Problems of the child with multiple impairments
  • Problems of the child with cerebral palsy who presents with dystonic features

To enable time to be used effectively and facilitate the problem solving process, participants will be given a pre-course package including a reading list and tasks related to a pre-selected topic. Participants will receive their pre-course package once they are formally booked on to the course.


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I can’t wait to apply my new found knowledge!  Very good course and a good reminder how much there is to learn and explore, thank you so much!

Just good to be here again, to take time to consider and discuss research articles.  Cant wait for my next course, thank you so much!

Thank you for a fantastic opportunity to learn, reflect and share and practice with therapists from around the world.  It was really good to have a research based focus which was so different from previous courses and took us to a new level!