Monday 11 March 2019 to Friday 20 September 2019

Modular 2019 dates:

11 - 22 March
​13 - 24 May
24 June - 05 July
​09 - 20 September

What is it?

Post Registration Training Course in Neuro-Developmental Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Allied Neurological Conditions.

Who is it for?

The Basic Bobath Foundation Course is available to doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists or speech and language therapists who are  involved in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy and have at least two years full-time/ equivalent postgraduate experience in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy.

To maintain high standards of training it is essential for therapists to be working with children before and immediately after the course. The Bobath Centre reserves the right to postpone the offer of a place on the course if the therapist has ceased work with children or does not intend to work with them immediately following the completion of the course.


Bobath Scotland Cerebral Palsy Therapy Centre Glasgow G4 9UD


This course is available to therapists who are working within Scotland, places are funded by Bobath Scotland.  Therapists who wish to be considered are invited to apply by following the link at the bottom of this page, successful applicants will be notified by 09 November 2018. 
Closing date for applications:  05 October 2018


The course is designed to:

  • Give an overview of the current theoretical background to the Bobath approach to the treatment of the child with cerebral palsy, through the study of neurosciences, syndrome classification, principles of assessment and treatment.
  • Provide initial practical and clinical experience in the handling, assessment and management of children with cerebral palsy.
  • Develop awareness of factors involved in problem solving and communication in all aspects of the treatment context, including the child, the parents, the therapists, the health and education teams.


To enable therapists to:

  • Discuss current knowledge of neuro-anatomy, neurophysiology and neuropathology and relate this to children with cerebral palsy (CP).
  • Apply the principles of normal and abnormal development to the management of children with CP.
  • Apply an understanding of sensori-motor development and normal movement to the treatment of children with CP.
  • Identify features of different types of CP and classify children with CP.
  • Develop skills in assessment and analysis of problems of children with CP.
  • Develop skills in effective application of handling techniques.
  • Plan rational and integrated programmes of management and develop skills of analytical clinical decision making.
  • Design home programmes, educate and instruct carers.

Lectures and demonstrations of treatment are all given by members of the Centre’s professional staff and the opportunity given to treat patients under supervision.

Course Hours and Attendance

The two months of lectures and demonstrations take place from Monday to Friday each week between the hours of 09.00/09.30am to 5.00pm each day. During the course participants will be assessed on their written work, practical work and verbal presentations. There will be occasions when home study is required over evenings and weekends. Full-time attendance is required to attain the standard.


The courses are not residential and participants attending from outside Glasgow must make their own arrangements with regard to living accommodation. A list of local addresses where other therapists have stayed will be supplied when places are confirmed.

Professional Liability Cover

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are insured to treat and handle children whilst on the course. The Bobath course is a practical course with hands on participation with patients and the Bobath Centre is not responsible for any claims of negligence or malpractice which may arise as a result of treatment/handling that you may give during the course. Your application will not be considered unless you enclose with it a copy of your certificate of qualification, and a copy of the policy document provided by your professional organisation or employers, showing that you are insured to treat/handle children in the United Kingdom. Please note, your insurance cover is not a copy of your state registration. It is usually a membership card from the CSP or BAOT or a letter from your national organisation or place of work. Please include a photocopy of your cover/membership card with your registration form.

Moving and Handling Statement

It is essential to have an awareness of the current safety issues relating to ‘moving and handling’, and where possible a working knowledge of the current legislation. This course includes treatment and practical handling sessions in which you are expected to participate. If you have a medical condition which will affect your ability to ‘move & handle’ children and adults (practical sessions), it is your responsibility to assess the risk and inform the tutor/course leader accordingly.

Suitable for: 
Occupational therapists
Speech and language therapists

Bobath Scotland Cerebral Palsy Therapy Centre

Bradbury House
10 High Craighall Road
G4 9UD

Interested in this course?



I have gained a huge wealth of information to consolidate and put together for my clinical practice, also met some lovely people on the way.

Thanks for a brilliant experience and the enormous quantities of new knowledge.  Absolutely loved doing this course!

Inspiring and completely changes how you approach your job, will strive to achieve this ‘gold standard’ of treatment/management.