Monday 08 October 2018 to Tuesday 09 October 2018

Course Leaders:

Virginia Knox (PT Tutor) The Bobath Centre, Marissa Mount (OT), Bobath Children's Therapy Centre Wales

What is it?

This is a two day workshop covering the different types of children with hemiplegia from 0 – 16 years.

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for physiotherapists and occupational therapists who are working with children with cerebral palsy.


  • To identify and describe the different clinical presentations of hemiplegia (unilateral spastic hypertonus) in childhood
  • To understand the different limitations of movement and sensation seen in such children and describe some of the most common visual and perceptuomotor difficulties
  • To demonstrate an understanding of key principles of assessment and treatment
  • To demonstrate the importance of teamwork in addressing these problems


Course participants will be able to:

  • Identify and / or describe the different presentations of hemiplegia
  • Discuss how sensori-motor difficulties affect motor ability
  • Discuss the importance of shoulder girdle stability in relation to mobile arm support
  • Facilitate key sequences of movement, relevant to the child with hemiplegia
  • State some of the principles of treatment for the different presentations of hemiplegia in childhood, and give examples of treatment ideas
  • State some relevant classification systems and outcome measures which can be used with children with hemiplegia
  • Describe some of the different approaches to treating children with hemiplegia

How will the course be taught?

The course will be taught between physiotherapy and occupational therapy tutors in a series of lectures, practical workshops, treatment demonstrations and/or video presentations.

Suitable for: 
Occupational therapists
Speech and language therapists

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